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Our platform is designed to help you find the top stores in your industry, generate highly effective leads with innovative, AI based recommender, discover new product ideas, generate ads/cold emails with GPT3, see which websites use specific technologies, research 5+ million niche sites, prevent churn, compare technologies in terms of audience/clients. And much more.

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Discover how our platform has helped businesses like yours succeed

Are you looking for the best stores in your industry from 1+ million active Shopify stores?

With our platform with data on 1+ million active Shopify stores, you can easily search and discover stores in your vertical, and rank them by metrics such as popularity, average price, number of products sold, technologies they use and more.

This way, you can find the top performing stores and get insights on what makes them successful.

Try it now and see how our platform can help you find and evaluate stores in your industry.

Are you looking for stores that use a specific technology?

With our platform, you can easily search and discover stores that use the technology you are interested in, such as Intercom chat, and access their contact information.

This way, you can easily connect with stores that use specific technology and start building partnerships.

Try it now and see how our platform can help you in lead generation and other use cases.

Are you in need of fresh product ideas for your new high-ticket eCommerce store in a specific vertical?

Our platform has you covered! We analyzed 32 million products in 60,000+ product verticals so that you can easily find the perfect (high) ticket items to sell.

Our ranking by price, vertical, search volume, CPC, trends, and SEO difficulty make it easy to identify the most successful high ticket eCommerce products on the market.

Try it out now and take your store to the next level!

Looking for companies that are most likely interested in given technology?

Our AI recommender can help! Our tool uses technology usage data from millions of websites to suggest thousands of websites that are highly likely interested in your specific technology, based on technologies they already use.

It's a game-changer for companies that sell technology and are looking for potential clients, as well as for lead generation agencies. Try it out today!

Are you looking for websites that are interested in technology as an alternative to what they already use?

We checked use of different technologies on millions of online stores and other websites.

For each technology (e.g. Intercom), we can thus provide usually thousands of websites (together with contacts) that use competitive solutions to specific technology.

It's the perfect solution for lead generation and finding new clients.

Try it out today!

Are you looking for the hottest new online stores that are making waves despite their young age?

Our tool can help you discover up-and-coming stores that are already attracting a lot of traffic from search engines.

Simply set a maximum domain age and sort by open page rank to find stores that are relatively new but already ranking highly in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Don't miss out on the opportunity to partner with or learn from these rising stars in the world of e-commerce.

Are you a store owner? See which technologies are used by your near peers to make the difference

Do you want to stay ahead of the competition and make sure your online store is using the most effective technologies? Our AI recommender can help!

Our AI recommender was trained on analyzing 100+ million usage cases of 4000+ distinct technologies used by millions of online stores.

Based on this usage data, our AI can identify the most common technologies used by stores that are very similar to yours, but that you are not yet using.

This is an excellent way to see which technologies are helping your near competitors and could also make a difference for you.

Introducing the ultimate solution for generating ads and product descriptions - GPT3!

Are you tired of spending hours crafting the perfect ad or product description? Look no further.

With the power of fine tuned GPT3, you can easily generate high-quality, engaging ads and product descriptions that will grab the attention of your audience and drive conversions.

Not only will using GPT3 save you time and effort, but it will also help you create ads and product descriptions that are more effective at converting potential customers.

Do you want to find stores that are similar to your store, based on the products they sell?
Our advanced natural language processing (NLP) methods allow us to compare your store's products to those of other stores and identify those that have the most similar product offerings.

This can help you find new sources of inspiration and ideas for your own store, or simply discover other stores that cater to the same customers as you.

Try it out now and see how it can benefit your store!

Introducing a solution for streamlining your cold email outreach – our AI-powered personalization tool

With just one click, send highly targeted and engaging cold emails to your prospects at scale, which we have previously determined to be highly likely interested in given product.

With our AI technology, you can write engaging cold emails 100 times faster than a human.

With its advanced natural language processing capabilities, our tool can personalize each email to the individual recipient, increasing the chances of a positive response.

Don't let the tedious task of cold emailing hold you back from closing more deals.

Let your eCommerce business prosper with our product categorization tool

Are you tired of manually categorizing your products and texts? With our advanced system, you can easily and accurately classify all types of products and texts into over 1360 eCommerce categories in just a few clicks.

Not only will this help your customers search, navigate, and discover your products with ease, but it will also help them make more informed purchase decisions.

By using our system, you can save time and effort while improving the discoverability and effectiveness of your products. So why wait? Try our tool today and see the benefits for yourself!

Looking for online stores that have some specific word in title, description or their domain name?

Our platform's search engine is here to help!

Simply enter the keyword you're looking for and our engine will search through store names, descriptions, and domain names to find the best matches.

Then, we'll rank them based on popularity, age, number of products sold, average product price, and more, so you can easily find the perfect store to shop at.

Try it now and discover the best online stores out there for given keyword!

Use our automated tagging solution to enchance the searching and conversion on your online stores

Are you tired of manually categorizing your products and texts? With our advanced system, you can easily and accurately classify all types of products and texts into over 1360 eCommerce categories in just a few clicks.

Are you tired of manually organizing your products and texts on your online store? Our advanced system can help.

With our automated tagging feature, you can easily and accurately tag all of your products and texts for easier sorting and searching.

Not only will this help your customers discover your products and make better purchase decisions, it will also save you time and effort. Our tool is suitable for a variety of use cases, including online stores, ecommerce analytics platforms, and more.

Trying to find exciting niche sites?

We have categorized over 5 million most popular domains in terms of IAB taxonomy, with 440 distinct categories.

For each website, we determined its domain age, open page rank and other data.

This allows you interesting ways to discover new and exciting niche sites.

You can e.g. select specific category/niche, set domain age to be between 0 and 5 years (young domains), and sort by open page rank, giving you a list of domains that are getting above average link growth, most likely due to virality.

Or you can find all niche sites that are using Google Ads, are in specific category, and have domain age between 0 and 5 years, again sorted by open page rank.

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